Couldn t sell her so I had to get her a friend give me some mod ideas please

Couldn't sell her so I had to get her a friend give me some mod ideas please

  • Turbo

  • Lol nitrous maybe

  • First mods are always wheels and exhaust

  • Yea that's what I done on the red one

  • 181 kit is they way to go

  • Tires are nice how much and we're from

  • Is it reliable though and what stunt bar you got on the back any more pics

  • Baby steps, 143 first

  • Contimove 365's

    I ordered them from eBay £45 each

    Plenty of grip in all weather and even rated for snow

  • Alex Jones takegawa kit yes I've had 2 one on my old bike for about 800 miles and I've put about 300 miles on the kit on the sf and had zero issues

    The 12 bar is made by DKS

  • ok cheers

  • Picking mine up Saturday just bought it and getting the yoshi japan exhaust fitted ready for pickup. Where did you get the cross bar brace mate and what size pad fits the stock bars

  • Ezra Pompey straight for the 181 no point in a 143 just go to the biggest to avoid disappointment

  • 12 bar from rear

  • Nice what's the weird cover for the back wheel?

  • Alex Jones it's a splash guard it helps when you fit a tail tidy saves your back getting filthy in the wet,

    It's a h2c one and jap4performance sell them

  • What do you think of them cause I've got one I don't do think there great

  • Richard Lowthorpe the splash guard? It's not bad TBH at least my seat and back isn't dirty

  • But goes all over the back of bike near suspension etc lol

  • Richard Lowthorpe yep I noticed that but I just give it a blast down and then top the protection back up

  • Yeh just wash it down when it gets bad lol that's what I do might get a cover for the shock

  • Shock sock £25 from ebay

  • Get some lovely area 22 bling