• Couple of days ago we were discussing starter clutches Someone suggested that...

    Couple of days ago we were discussing starter clutches. Someone suggested that if it has gone bad(and you don't use it) to remove some of the parts before they fall out. Which parts? And should I remove the chain too?

    • Remove 2, 3 and 12 for a start. You can also remove the chain if you want. And you can remove the starter solenoid, starter lead and that massive starter motor too. Just get a blanking plug from Cappellini or Common Motor for the hole the starter motor sat in.

    • I removed the whole thing and components. Suprised how it added up.

    • Daren Murray - I believe that the CB450 starter motor is actually ex US Air Force B36 Peacemaker starter motor stock repurposed by Honda.

    • Cliff Overton strangely the screws holding the starter clutch housing in are not metric, it's possible that flywheel and starter clutch were sourced out? Any thoughts?

    • I think they would have been Honda made - not metric? I need to check mine.

    • Cliff Overton yea I went to a bolt supply house to get new stronger screws, thinking they were a wierd pitch metric but their imperial or something crazy

    • They're a bitch to get out lol

    • Pull stator flywheel. There's a tab keeping the starter gear from coming out. loose it. And remove clutch from flywheel. Reinstall flywheel. Done. Removing wiring and solenoid is self explanatory. Easy Peasy. The plug goes in from inside the cover and is held in place by the cover itself, use some honda bond to keep it from seaping.