Crapped my pants tonight Went out to head to work jumped on the bike and hit...


Crapped my pants tonight.. Went out to head to work, jumped on the bike and hit the ignition switch.... And nothing!! Tried about 4 times before it started!! Hope it's just a one off....

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  • What year is the bike? I think that a set of bike made a particular time were recalled due to a similar problem

  • I had a same problem once 2015 omly a month old i just dine 300miles

  • Kill switch?

  • Kill switch?

  • Wasn't the kill switch.... Checked that.. My bike is 64 plate so 14? It's due in for service beginning of next month so will query it then :)

  • Just don't want to get stuck somewhere with no way of getting the bike started :/

  • The inside of the key switch can get a little manky it seems. Mine did this after standing for a little while. A little squirt of ACF50 or even WD40 into the key slot, then working it on/off a dozen or so times is usually enough to sort it out. Flick the kill switch first to save the fuel pump priming every time though. :)

  • Thanks Gavin! Will give that a bash in the morning :)

  • In my experience it always pays to work switches that don't get too much use like the kill switch. Personally I'd avoid putting WD40 into a lock switch as it can gum up the pins. I always use a combination cleaner & lubricant: +cleaner+lubricant&tag=hydrukspg-21&index=aps&hvad id=38895735501&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2 006402017820294707&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=m &ref=pd_sl_2152shh3df_b