So just recently had my Rancher repaired at Nicks Powerhouse Honda for a broken pin inside the transmission. This obviously requires the case of the motor to be removed to get to the pin. Doing this opens up the cooling and oil passages. When I picked up my quad I checked the oil and looked at the coolant to confirm that they did change them and to be aware of what level they were at to see if the motor was consuming them (leaking into the oil). I noticed the oil was darker in color but still see thru so surely they changed the oil. also noticed the coolant was dark I assumed that the Honda coolant my be a different color, no big deal.

So after my bike sat I saw the oil had a milky substance at the bottom it was not water either. This got me worried so I changed the 10 pints of oil and filter I was charged for. Only to figure out that it was a bullshit charge. The oil was dark used oil, it was getting close to its oil change interval. The oil was never changed. Pulled the old black filter that wasent replaced....CHUNKS of RTV and metal shavings from where they removed the broken pin!!!

Now I'm getting ready to go to Durhamtown Plantation, and they are calling for freeze warnings. Remember that dark green coolant? It has me concerned since they already charged me for an oil change they didn't do. So I get out a antifreeze hydrometer and check the coolant. The freeze point and boiling point are off the scale of readable measurement. That means 100% coolant and no water. Water conducts heat, Ethylene Glycol not so much.What is the purpose of water cooling? You guessed it, to get RID of heat. So now I have to change the straight coolant that is in my motor with 50/50 coolant, that I was again, charged for!!

Bottom line is check your toys VERY thoroughly when they are serviced at a dealership.You dont know what bullshit they will try to pull.

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  • Footshift, like it should have been to begin with!

  • Mine has right at 600. But it catches hell

  • That shifter stop bolt is the same one used in the foot shift model and every other model Honda has made (even the tough old 300). Just bad luck and too much money charged to replace it.

  • I could see it happening shifting a lot but my fourwheeler never gets out of 3rd gear hardly.

  • I use all 5 speeds.

  • It looks like it came loose and that is what caused the issue. I hope they used loctite when installing the new one. Like I said, bad luck and it was probably a factory workers fault.

  • The pin sheared off. It didn't unscrew itself.

  • It unscrewed before it broke. The head part (what the wrench would go on) has the marks to prove that.

  • The tech had to drill it out, the head broke off and the threads were stuck in the case of the motor. He showed me on the bore scope, but I don't have a pic.

  • I've seen it happen more than once (not on a Rancher). Most of the time the broke off piece can be removed with just the pressure from your finger. Anyway, if it was fixed right you are good to go.