Cunt cunt cunt


Cunt cunt cunt

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  • Bring it round, we'll get the tools out..

  • Attempted theft ?

  • Nahh mate she's always in my house lol

  • Glad to know that fucking hate thief's man

  • It's back at mine now lol I'm guna look at it tomorrow on my split mate

  • U know mate !!

  • See how loose the lock is. That's part of not all of the problem

  • Mine did this, take off your indicator brackets and head light and there are two bolts underneath that came loose, tighten them up and you'll be good to go

  • I'm going to get this sorted tomorrow cheers guys... hopefully I don't have to take the boomerangs off as there a arsehole to put back on with carbon headlight surround!

  • I found that the stock bolts did this a couple of times so I swapped mine out for other ones

  • I will hopefully replace with nylon lock bolts and thread lock !! Then see if it wants to vibrate loose !!