Curious roll call how many of you are also members of the All Aero Forum on...

Curious - roll call - how many of you are also members of the All Aero Forum on Delphi, or the Shadow Aero 750 Forum on Delphi?

All Aero (1100): /hondaaero

Aero 750: /AERO750

The best part of those forums is the ability to search back YEARS for information on just about any subject to do with the 750 or 1100 Aero's. I'm seeing quite a few mods done and posted here, but FB is not a good searchable database like the Delphi Forums are.

If you aren't familiar with these forums, membership is free - it would be great if our modifications are cross posted over there, just because it "stays" and can be searched later. I think the free members can search back 6 months, but the plus member (I'm one) can be searched back to the beginning of time (2001 for the AAF, and 2003 or 2004 750).

  • Good to see you all here!

  • All aero here too!

  • All Aero forum

  • I'm on Delphi.

  • Haha, well of course you are Robert Matthess! Would love to ride the redwoods again with you. We had so much fun!

  • First time I met Trav Valentine was with you at the rest room with the fly on the roof. I'd been through there several times and did not know about the fly!

  • Robert Matthess, yes! So sad, and miss her. Wish we could have ridden more miles together. Wasn't that the same ride we were doing almost 100 on 101, when the CHP pulled out?

  • Delphi, all Aero and Honda

  • Yep, but not me. Trav could go 101 though.

  • I never go that fast because Miss Ellis can read my posts.