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  • Can't believe i have to go there soon coz I have 500 miles left to my 3rd service

  • Is that a bad thing?

  • Yea this will be my last service with em canceling it after the 3rd service.. to much Shit I had with dobles to be honest I regret buying my grom from them should of gone with 21st

  • Shit sorry to hear man. You don't have to get it done by them.

  • I though would be the best thing to get the service plan with em and pay monthly

  • But they can't even do proper oil changed

  • I gone in to have oil change coz my one was while like custard feel and all they did is let out as much as they could and put new one leaving a lot of the old one on so the new one got contaminated straight away so that was waist of time and petrol

  • Eww lol

  • I'd avoid dobles like the plague. Worst dealers ever. The owners an ass hat.

  • Their bunch of liars. They tell me something else and tell my partner something else

  • i bought my bike from them and they were nice enough but i service my own bikes including my Grom, i saw your bike their couple weeks ago outside parked nearer to pizza hut. if you need any help in servicing the bike like oil changes and how to do valve clearances and oil spinner clean just let me know

  • only shops i trust to work on my bike if a job is too much for me are MH Motorcycles (Bromley) & DMP Performance (Wallington)

  • Thanks mate. I've got the 1st service booked Friday