• Dale Clifton shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Popping to the post office later anyone need a velocity stack ? Will bring a couple along to the Nutters 2nd birthday @ Ace Cafe Saturday evening MSXOC/NUTTERS discounted rate £7 in person

    • Do you have a picture of where this goes?

    • There's some photos on the eBay ad of what to remove and where it goes. Remove the pipe inside you are box and pop the stack in its place

    • Before

    • Remove plastic rivets and bracket gently remove pipe

    • Insert stack. Also remove air filter mesh if you haven't already

    • Mesh removed

    • Awesome.

    • Yea I did this last night (minus the stack) seems to give it a bit more poke.

    • Hard to tell TBH I've not run just the stack n mod on its own. Works well with a pipe and a PCV pulls a bit better then before and has a nice throaty intake sound

    • Can I collect from you I'm in Bracknell

    • Yes no problem pm me