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What do you think about this RG protection. The best one on the market or piece of crap? I don't want to drill my fairing for nuts... Thank You


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  • GSG are the best I found, nice and subtle, no cutting required. Most awkward bit is getting the castle nut tool for fitting them.

    http://www.pdq1.com/part.php?PartID=2413&MakeID=10 &ModelID=117&YearID=144&Year=

  • does that mean we can slag matt off and he won't see it?

  • those arrows look nice travis.... (y)

  • ha, weren't they yours at one point? I got them off Virt. Badly wanted the carbon ones off that Minolta bike, I'll have them one day!

  • hahahaha yup

  • Matt's comments have disappeared for me too, they were there briefly. hmmm

  • I only fitted them to show what they sounded like, very good quality cans

  • matts a knob and a tosser, quick join in, he can't read it hahaha

  • they sound brilliant, I had to drill them for baffles so I could go on track, but I think they might just pass without. Might try next time now I've got the option.

  • just get it tested at the track, if needs be whack the baffles back in

  • Hahahahahaha i think he can probably read it, just can't post

  • hahahaha read, I don't think he even finished school.....pmsl

  • I have puig ones that fit thru the engine

    No cutting the fairing

    They're a bit weird at first but I soon got used to them

    They work very well too

    As I dropped the bike one day and not a scratch