Damm nature you scary

Damm nature, you scary!

  • can't help thinking most of the inside of the M25 should just wash out to sea.... and maybe Essex too :P

  • Prefer to live where I do, rather than where you live Gavin!

  • he took the bait :) my turn...

  • "but who do you know where I live Jack? you didn't make it this far!"

  • go on, you turn hehehe

  • Don't you worry, I know exactly where you live.

  • (cue creepy music...)

  • "Your turn"

  • any way, it's traditional to make jokes about Essex.... London is dodgy, Essex is seedy and full of Essex girls, Suffolk is full of Yokels, Norfolk is full of inbred yokels, and Rutland... ..... .... where's Rutland says everyone? (and yes, I'm allowed to make all those jokes, since various branches of my family come from each county. which begs the question... what the hell am I?!)