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  • do these work with the bash plate? im fine with cutting some of the flat steel but wouldn't want to cut into the tubing of the bash plate

  • you would need to modifie the bash plate if you want to keep it.

  • yeah i understand that. but when you say "modify" are you talking about the flat steel plate, or the tubing ? one is easy. the other, not so much...

  • not sure i have never fitted one in that manner.

  • Could the 'Noise Police' get you for having one fitted?

  • Yeah, is this a legal mod? I use mine to commute. Interested though.

  • Would be below the db level, how ever regs state that any mod is to be tested and approved eg. Estamp number these do not have a e stamp number.

  • Have you finished your new exhaust yet??

  • Ha got one tacked up but need to weld it. Sorry mate