• Dark sided my 750 Aero this week I did the research and picked up the...

    Dark-sided my 750 Aero this week. I did the research and picked up the recommended tire. It rides pretty close to the same as it did with the motorcycle tire with the exception that it has a lot less "bang" over the bumps. I think the softer sidewall absorbs some of the shock instead of just the suspension taking it.

    • My wife likes it as a passenger. I haven't had any problems, and the first tire lasted 24K+ miles, on my second.

    • Which tire did you use Bruce? I bought the Nankang CX668 High Performance Tire - 165/80R15 87T

    • That's what I'm running now, first tire was a Nexen, but they were out of stock everywhere.

    • I can still drag the pegs in the corners without feeling like I'm losing traction so I've got no complaints at all

    • Same here, though it isn't my normal style of riding. I've ridden in rain sleet and light snow with no complaints.

    • I agree, not my normal style, but I had to make sure I could if I needed to! lol

    • I've even dragged pegs with a group when riding 2-up. REALLY not my wife's style! lol

    • have thought of this a few times... sounds like good reviews ta me on a reason ta try it out next time i change the tires :)

    • The bead is a MONSTER to seat...it will go, but it's not going to go easily!

    • will keep thast in mind Roy... TY i hate seatin them damn things on any tire lol the trouble ones just cause coffee breaks lol