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    What you’re looking at here is the all-new, 2014 Honda Cross Cub 110 … and it may be the most important motorcycle launch in Honda’s storied history.

    • Simon Alexander Forsdike

    • Dean Teerman

    • Adam Cook

    • Honda did to the CT110, what they did to the CT70 (grom). I like minimal bikes myself. That's why I like the old bikes, no blinkers, just carburetors and a set of points.

    • The latest 'Postie' bike is a 'throwback' to the Honda 'Cub' although in some countries Honda always have sold 'Cubs' - The 'Posties' love them - mainly because they are capabable of 100kph+ however even they doubt that the 'Cubs' will last as long as the older models that we know and love. The new ones look too 'tinny' and 'plasticy' - in my opinoin).

    • 'tinny' and 'plasticy'..... that is all :P

    • Note the point of attachment for the forks. Same as the new postal bike bolted on just above the wheel instead of right through like earlier CT110s

    • its the new postie dont like the front suspension though..

    • because of the headlight it would make it hard to change to the Ct setup.....

    • Like this one, sells in Japan if you are keen..