• David Lee Watkins shared a link to the group: Honda Rebel 125 250 & 450.

    I bet it's already gone. In Tennessee.

    • Wished I had the spare cash. I have a couple titled necks. Waiting for the frame jig.

    • 200 bucks and 13 hour round trip for me lol

    • Last year I picked up an 82 cm250 for$400

    • Todd Mills that's what I gave for the one I have in the jig now with a title. Lol

    • This has a title this winter I hope to turn it into a scrambler

    • Sounds good.

    • Why can't I step in the poo? Just once lol

    • I like to buy in the winter. Cheaper. Unfinished projects and sometimes an untouched one comes along cheap the closer to Christmas it gets.

    • I picked up a running '94 cb250 nighthawk bobber for $450, just needed the carbs cleaned and a new tube in the front tire. These kinds of deals on rebels and nighthawks aren't as uncommon as people seem to think.

    • Traded a car that I paid 500 for ,and drove for 2 years, for my 85 rebel, running ,with title...still trying to get it road ready but its comming along