Daytona is only 30 minutes north. Am I taking to much. Better safe than sorry


Daytona is only 30 minutes north.Am I taking to much. Better safe than sorry.

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  • 63 years old. Am taking only the supply I need including guitar, amp,and party supplys. I thought I was packing light.

  • U can pack clothes tent sleeping bag on back of a rebel . packing a shadow is even easier and can carry more

  • I could use a girl if anyone has one wants a ride

  • In México we say " Banquetero"

  • You're kidding, right? I'm 70, and if I can't carry it on the bike I leave it home. Even for a month-long trip. I think you're a wimp.

  • Yes I am am but a comfortable wimp with ac

  • To each his own, Duke.

  • Didnt mean to come off so strong, I've been pent up with winter snow and have just finally got the bike out to ride. I live for this! Have fun what ever you do!

  • I get it buddy, no problem.I live in FloridaI ride all year . Ride to Daytona. A least once a month anyway. Was just up for the 500.

  • Why own a motorcycle if you would rather have ac