Dear all need some help and advise if thats ok had a spill the other night i...


Dear all, need some help and advise if thats ok?... had a spill the other night, i was lucky to come out quite unscathed but my bike wasn't so lucky :( it slid down the road into the rear of a car, no damage to the car but my fairings and screen took an absolute battering, now i have a spare screen so all good there and i've been lucky that side fairings have just popped's the problem, when i attempt to put them back in all is fine but on one side of the wing mirror brackets from the headlight frame i'm now way out, could it be the fairings are bent that much or is my headlight frame bent? in a normal undamage frame do both wing mirror brackets line up perfectly alined or is there natural difference? deperate for help if anyone can assist?? thanks Tim

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  • Sound like the head light bracket / fairing stay has taken the hit

  • Yeah was thinking the same james, well I stand square of it looks off kilt, can they be straightened or better off getting new one?

  • You could try straightening it but will never be pop on I personly would get a second hand or new one

  • I agree, that's james

  • Thanks I meant

  • Send pics