dear friends today i got this in the mail it s not the slave cylinder kit is...

dear friends, today i got this in the mail... it's not the slave cylinder kit is it? it's the master cylinder kit right? anyway might as well put it on the bike, but problem with the clutch is it loses pressure with engine running...was thinking of slave cylinder but aparently i made the wrong order,

hope this will do the trick, how can you really be sure with an internal leak?? what to replace?

  • good idea, tomorrow i also take the slave off while i'm at it, for inspection and cleaning, the job is not that hard just tkaes some time and yes be careful with the seals i know, maybe i'll find a way to leave the clutch line on so i don't damage the washers, no time for me to get the right kind of washers or banjo bolts for the bike

  • Not sure on the V45, but my V30 you could leave the line attached when you take it off. However, you will NOT be able to get it as clean as possible unless you take off the line. The rush washers do have a few reuses... they aren't or shouldn't go bad from a couple of removals and retightens. But they can go bad is more of the point.

  • the way i see it i can leave the line on, depends on what i see when i take the cylinder out, could be the is no dirtyness at all, but thats the problem, we do not know untill we open it up

  • so done working on the master cylinder, first thing i found was leakage on the reservoir cap when pump the handle, have no new rubber or anything so couldn´t fix that

  • so took out the cylinder, nothing wrong with that, just a little bit dirty on the inside, but cleaned it out, and the outside rubber on the handle was broken but replaced that, that little rubber was the only thing i could use from the kit... everything else was the wrong size

  • so put the old stuff back in, there was this tiny clogged up hole inside the reservoir, but cleaned it all out, and bled the lines... no air bubbles at all, but still clutch doesn´t work the way it should, cant turn the wheel when in first gear with clutch in, so nothing changed, started it up, put it in first it does that without stalling, clutch reaction is slightly better but moves forward when revving the engine with clutch in :(

  • ow and are all the screws and bolt on the old maggies made of playdoh??? had to replace the reservoir cap screws, but couldn't undo the clutch line on the master cilinder it was sooo damn tight, probably never worked on that....air bleeder screw is shit also, want to replace that

  • Yea you're simply gonna have to get the right kit. The bore inside the master cylinder may be in need of attention. I usually rig up a piece of 800 grit wet or dry paper using a gun cleaning kit and spin with my drill, sort of honing it out. You may have to impact the banjo bolt off for the line sometimes they're stuck big time.