Decisions decisions would you go 18 or 19 on the front of a roadie with drum...


Decisions, decisions. would you go 18" or 19" on the front of a roadie with drum brake :-)

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  • I've bought a 19" repro rim from David Silver and will lace it on a drum brake hub and I plan to try this 19" front wheel on my Bomber and the K2. The Bomber/K1/K2 front end is IMO a bit nervous and my theory is that a 19" wheel would perhaps calm it down a bit.

  • That's interesting Ronny, seems a lot of guys change down to 18" fronts for "sharper handling"

  • i'd go for the 18". less rubber. less metal.

  • Question above is, would you go 18" or 19" on the front of a roadie.

    I mostly ride touring with my bikes and since a bigger front wheel (all CB450's from '70 and up use 19" front wheels) gives a larger trail it will (theoretically) make the bike more stable at high speed. If you are building a racer that you need to throw around hairpin bends you will get quicker steering "sharper handling" at low speed with a 18" front wheel but a slightly more nervous bike in a straight line at high speed.

  • Nothing set in concrete for me yet. I had a 450 for a while back in the '70's but don't remember much of the handling traits :-)

    Did any of the old Jap bikes handle well? lol

    Guess I better decide pretty quick, as I need to get these rims on the way.

  • I would go 19" for a road bike.