Did the 86 450s have a problem down shifting Lately mine shift pedal acts as...

Did the 86 450s have a problem down shifting? Lately mine shift pedal acts as tho it's already in first and is pretty well a dead pedal even tho it can be in any gear. I've had it stuck in 2, 3, 4, and 5. All on different occasions where it doesn't want to shift any lower even tho I've stopped... Any help? I'm clueless and kinda scared because I spent every dime I had to get this bike...

  • Down shift as your slowing down and you don t use the brakes till the very end . Nothing will down shift sitting stopped at a light . transmission has to be rolling .

  • Some times it won't even do that. I can be rolling and it won't down shift and I end up stopping before I can get it to.

  • That may be a clutch problem.

  • Am I better off taking it to a shop then?

  • Ours down shifts rolling and stopped . clutch needs adjusting

  • Could it just be my cable needs tightened or do I need to take it to a shop

  • Can you take a pic of the cable end at the clutch lever ? . I can tell about how much you need to adjust .

  • Sorry, but I don't have lights in my garage.

  • Turn the adjustment out 2 full turns that might just fix it .

  • Ok thanks!

  • NP

  • You should adjust your clutch cable