Did the hole saw mod and just like everyone else I M VERY PLEASED WITH THE...


Did the hole saw mod and just like everyone else, I'M VERY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!

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  • If you don't mind what kind of mod was it

  • Don't you have to re-jet?

  • What do you mean. Not to mechanically inclined.

  • Hole saw is used to cut out the baffles at the end of the mufflers. Check spark plugs after a few miles just in case it may run too hot.(they will look white if so) I didn't have any issues...

  • Took them out in less than 20 mins .... Rode the bike for a good hour after the mod and had no popping or any negative effects. Definitely worth the time

  • And cheap!

  • Ok cool thanks for the info. Very helpful. I appreciate it

  • Did the same to my bike sounds way better!

  • I have friends who ride Harleys and they say they like the sound of my bike because it has that "Harley" sound when we ride....reality is you can make just about any V twin sound like that. I had a Honda cx500 with true straight pipes. That thing sounded like a cross between a stock car and a big cubic inch bike. Definetly louder than a Harley. It was badass and quick for a 500