Difference between a Honda rebel and Honda shadow I m going to get a 125 when...


Difference between a Honda rebel and Honda shadow? I'm going to get a 125 when I'm 17, don't know which one to go for out of the two... Seem to be able to find the Honda shadow on eBay that isn't as old as the Rebel, guessing they've stopped making them... If anyone can help that'll be much appreciated

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  • I ultimately want a Shadow Spirit 750. I love my Rebel 250 and think its a great starter bike, but that doesn't really answer your question. lol Rebels are great. I think they look cool, last a long time and are fun to ride. You can't go wrong with a Honda Rebel!

  • What year is your Rebel? The age of most of them makes me reluctant to buy one, is it reliable for a commuter?

  • The Rebel is a standard twin engine and the Shadow is a V-Twin engine. They are not importing either of the 125 model ones into the UK anymore AFAIK. The Shadow is a more modern version and I would recommend it as a good 125 Custom model. A mate of mine in Manchester used to have one and they are great, and a natural evolution of the Rebel.

  • I've been riding my 2014 250 for a couple months now. I bought it new and I absolutely love it. I ride it on the freeway and around town. I go for pleasure rides too. I wouldn't go for long tours on it, but definitely a great commuter bike

  • James Holyland is in the UK Michelle Bouchard :) You guys still get the Rebel 250 imported, and he's too young to ride a 250 here. They start on 125's until they can do the licence test for a larger bike, unlike the USA.

  • you would be better off on a rebel always time down road to get a bigger bike

  • Bobby Demers Oh. Thanks for info!

  • I own 250 Honda Rebel as well as Vt 600 Shadow, I love both equally, each has its own personalty. I'm totally in love with both...pure Honda gal..x

  • Rebels are VERY reliable, and VERY easy to maintain.

  • Un Der Wood how about the shadows?

  • Never had any experience with the smaller displacement Shadows.

    But the 600vlx had almost a "cult" like following here in the US. They are great bikes as well. A little more "maintenance" than the Rebel, but very reliable bikes. You can find a lot of aftermarket parts for them as well.

  • I've heard the 600's only have 4 gears which makes highway speeds (70-85mph) not as smooth. But I have a 1986 Rebel 450 and the age isn't a big concern to me, so long as you properly look over any bike you should be good. Hondas are pretty great either way.

  • i own 250,450 rebel and 1100 shadow ace tourer, the tourer is a bigger big and much better rid for long cruises, more power too... rebel much smaller... 450 will hit 95 or so, the 250 max out AT 65... REBEL both rev high on hi way... depends on your riding style...