DirtyGrom goes today. Insured on the 750 though

DirtyGrom goes today.... Insured on the 750 though

  • Disappointed .....

  • £10 says you still can't wheelie it.

  • Gimme a chance lol

  • #blackarmbandfordirtygrom

  • Car crash couldn't keep me down... let's see how the bike does

  • ^^^ is not the right answer lol

  • Hahaha I'll behave myself.... for a while anyway lol

  • Again just looking out for you mate I know you'll be alright

  • Jack Dempsey remove him now

  • To many people on this that don't own a Grom or are from ting ting land

  • Apparently he's not a member anyway?

  • well fuck you then :p

  • Hahahaha!