Distance how far do you ride yours in a day

Distance - how far do you ride yours in a day?

Most of the time my rebel is a commuter bike doing less than 40 per day. I have done a couple short trips of around 200 miles in a day. I know there are people that commute longer and others that tour on them. What kind of mileage do you do on your Rebel in a single day? Longest trip overall?

  • I average 10 miles (roundtrip) a day for the job commute. ( double that on fridays for two different jobs, both 5 miles away) and use BD for everyday riding wherever I go unless I am hauling stuff .. .then it's the cage for a little bit. Longest roundtrip so far ( I have only been riding full time about 6 months) has been 50 miles.

  • What did you think of how it performed? Any issues?

    For me the only real issue is needing a gel pad so the vibration doesn't make my butt fall off. Other than that it was perfect.

  • My only issue was legroom, but I added some homemade forward controls (got them from Jack's Rebel Warehouse) and issue is now gone. I can kick back and relax.

  • I ride six miles per day...pacific nw weather permitting!

  • Mainly short distances,50/100 km..longest roadtrip was 300+ km

  • Was it comfortable for you? Did you make any changes to your bike or gear?

  • Mwa its was on the 250 so is less relax than a 450..thats why in going to rebuilt the 450

  • Ive been taking mine from Ft Lauderdale to Homosassa Fl. A distance of nearly 400 miles! It gets incredible milage no issues running 70 mph. Legroom is a bitch and so is the seat.... my arse gets mighty sore