Do I need a torque wrench for these. If so what s the torque spec


Do I need a torque wrench for these? If so what's the torque spec?

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  • Ok ill try hoping they had my honda fatcat manual there too

  • Wooly I never seen where it said to call you and I posted this before I had a chance to read the comments on my other photos. Wasn't giving you the middle finger. And guys I know there's a manual. I used to have one but when all you have is an iPhone to work with and can't download PDF files and search 3 pages on google and half can't be found I asked the questions. This isn't my first rodeo but is the first time I've done my 350x motor by myself. No the motor isn't gonna blow I'm confident in my work even if you're not. I ask questions to be sure before I do somthing. To all that have actually helped thanks. To all of you assholes, you have a blessed day:)

  • Well if u need any more specs/etc. I got the manual just ask and ill send a pic. Like I did earlier.

  • Tr200

  • Thanks james

  • I dont have the manual for that but Wooly Booger might have it or that other guy that builds the extended swingarm and chain rollers on this site.

  • U welcome.

  • I can send manual in an email if you want. I have the pdf version.


  • Got the PDF on my laptop now