Do I need to take my forks off the Tree to change the fork oil


Do I need to take my forks off the Tree to change the fork oil?

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  • Tons of YouTube vids on how to do this

  • yes

  • Yes

  • Thanks I needed the video as well

  • np

  • Bring back the fork drain screw!! It's not like it made the forks too expensive to make.

  • Mine has a drain screw on it actually.

  • Older one? Honda seemed to stopped fitting them the mid 90s onwards. Probably to give their mechanics more work and to try and stop owners doing their own maintenance.

  • Yea its an 85....and i think you hit the nail on the head

  • Mine don't ....grrrr

  • To just change the fork oil, no. Drain it via the drain (try to pump to forks up and down a few times to get all the oil to come out. The pop the caps off the top and refill.

  • New ones don't have a drain plug.

  • I haven't done this yet myself on newer forks (mine had the plug), but I believe you still might be able to drain them via the bolt on the underside of the fork. Basically, there's a bolt that holds the inner fork tube, to the outer fork tube, that is on the underside of the fork, under the axle bolt... if that makes sense? This *should* allow for full drainage of the oil... not as easy or as convenient, as you'll have to remove the wheel, but still should be doable without removing the forks completely.

    NOTE: I haven't actually gone this route, but having rebuilt my forks a month ago, thus removing and cleaning every part inside the fork, I don't see a reason as to why this would not work... but have not tried it myself with this route.

  • There is a trick for only doing the oil pull the wheel and remove the align bolts in the end of the forks let set over night draining into a pan next day replace bolts then take off the fork caps and add the correct amount of oil replace caps and wheel, go riding.