Do we get any discount off Area22

Do we get any discount off Area22

  • Beware as rearsets are a bitch to fit....

  • The area 22 front brake discs don't work with Brembo calipers just in case

  • Was looking at there chain adjusters

  • I'm in negotiations

    To get us a discount from there web site only

    Will update once I have it


  • nice one mate. After the adjusters too.

  • Think it's Daniel Parkinson whose Area 22. Based in Ireland

  • MSX10 =10% off

    -----Web site only orders-----

    Not all parts are on the web site please ask him what you need

    Email address on web site or call him on 07932242362 (Dan)

    http://www.misanomotoimports.c ccessories.html

  • Your good!!

  • Ace! How do you ask them to add parts to the Website? Via email?

  • It works I just made a order

  • Just ordered

  • I emailed them, they added some other parts on too Great. Will order later on, out of interest, I watched a video on how to installed these and apparently you still need to use the 12mm and 10mm nuts for the adjusters. The black screen things that come with the adjusters are just for show and screw on. is this correct ?

  • Can't answer that Asif as I don't know! Will update you once I've fitted them

  • Asif you dont need any other nuts , what you see in the picture above is all you need

  • Make sure you do the black fancy nut up tight after you tighten the wheel nut , otherwise you will lose the whole thing like i did the other day

  • Did the adjusters arrive mate?

  • Not yet

    Seems a slow poster