Do you guys change coolant often I ve only ever checked mine and it s been...

Do you guys change coolant often? I've only ever checked mine and it's been fine but a buddy read that the anti corrosive ness of the fluid breaks down and no longer protects your engine after two years. Still cools but doesn't protect. Any thoughts?

  • Tony I just did mine a hour ago! 09 aero 750. Only 8k miles but I figured because of the age. Sure easy to do. Radiator cap is kinda a pain to get at but I got it.

  • I do mine every two years with an aluminum safe coolant.

  • Coolant is the most over looked pm thing on bikes. 2 years is what Honda calls for I believe. Been awhile since I looked at a manual.

  • True. Remember it's also a water pump lubricant. I change mine every three years, never had any coolant related trouble....

  • I change rear differential and anti freeze once a year. I change oil every 3k to 4k miles.

  • Does anybody know about the coolant breaking down though?

  • If you're worried if it's still good or not, just buy some test strips at an autozone and check it. Or just change it once a year or 2 and not worry.

  • But yes, it can break down and not protect anymore. But, that's why I don't give it a chance. Haha.