Do you mix your sea foam in your gas tank or how y all do it

Do you mix your sea foam in your gas tank or how y'all do it

  • In fuel tank,and what u putting it in

  • 2005 shadow spirit

  • 750

  • I put just a shot glass in it, I had a 650 Honda shadow, it worked great

  • Are you going to continue to ride it or put it up for awhile

  • I put the sea foam in gonna give it a good ride to burn it out

  • When I winterize it, about 1 ounce per gallon. roughly 4 ounces. Run it. You'll see white smoke outta your pipes :)

  • Also u have to fill tank up and ride it for awhile,when u put it in

  • So I would make sure that u are gonna ride for a day, to let it travel threw the motor, and I let mine sit for the night with a quarter tank or almost half and my bike ran like it just come off the lot brand new

  • Already running way better

  • Cool deal

  • Just a few drops like the can says

  • Theoretically,if I put a whole can in what would happen?

  • Probly blow it up,lol

  • I was told not to by the dealer

  • Just a shot glass of it in my tank and my tank was only about 4 gallons maybe 3 1/2

  • 1/3 of a can to a full tank..... if you are going to use up that tank within a day or so. That will clean it up good. Then every fourth tank add 2-3 oz per tank. Great stuff.

  • I had a V65 Magna that I did this too. Felt like it was gonna fly apart for about 10 min or so then just shot all that crap out. Damn near threw me off when it straightened out

  • Them iridium plugs and sea foam did the trick man my bike runs 110% better