Do you need to add oil before service My bike consumes some oil There s no...


Do you need to add oil before service? My bike consumes some oil. There´s no blue smoke.

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  • every 5 good blasts out I have to top it up , always have done for the last 3 years, it's burns the petrol and oil baby

  • Depending on the year and milage the valveseals could be the cause of oilconsumption, however you should some smoke, especially when the engine is cold.How do the exhausts look, any differnence between left and right (color)

  • Anthony that's about the same as mine.

  • The TRX engine is a dry sump one, no carter, oilreservoir is on top of the engine and only 3,5 ltrs :-(

  • I've come to the conclusion it's my bike and that's the way it is! I get no blue smoke and no leaks ! So I keep topping it up lol

  • well the bike has 32000 km behind. the exhausts look pretty much the same. Does it really matter? Pipes combine before mufflers. Anthony... I like the way you are thinking :)

  • Same mileage as mine! R u copying me?

  • As long as you have no increase in consumption as mentioned i wouldn't do anything, as soon as the consumption increases you should think about checking the valveseals, not expensive part, only some labour.

  • I've got some1 looking at my carbs and jets on the weekend to clean will get him to check the valve seals as he is stripping the bike down a bit for me!

  • Thank you all... it seems I was just a bit paranoid, but my storm is well worth it.