do you use carb cleaners. is it worth it


do you use carb cleaners.. is it worth it?

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  • I only use that in fuel injected vehicles myself.

  • I figure if pilots use Marvel then it's good for the bikes. I use it a couple of times a year in the gas and on older machines that I don't know the history on, I will use it in the oil. All in small amounts.

  • How much in our tiny gas tank?

  • Okay. Maybe I'll give it a shot this spring.

  • Doesn't take much and it will make your exhaust smell funny. Just a heads up.

  • Like...Danny DeVito funny? Or more of a Rita Rudner funny? ;)

  • So after this testosterone chat :) should i add anything to the fuel to clean the carb or it is not recommended ?

  • Funny to read this! Anyway, I have always used a half can of Seafoam once a year in the gas. If your bike sits over the winter, put Sta-bil in it. Run it until the mixture has gone through your carbs. It helps prevent the fuel from separating, and your machine will start nice for you in the spring. The routine works for me.

  • I follow the same procedure as Kevin except I don't have access to ethanol free gas so I use either StarTron or Marine Sta-bil for ethanol with each fill up. Seems to help, I haven't had any problems since I started this routine. My bike doesn't sit much but, my wife's and the dual sport do and they always start now with no problem. Prior the routine was clean carbs every spring.