Does anybody changed the frontsprings On my other bike I got Hyperpro and love...

Does anybody changed the frontsprings? On my other bike I got Hyperpro and love it. But can't seem to find it for the Grom besides Ohlins.

  • Cosmo do an add on Spring

  • get ktech

  • It's one of those jobs on my list for 'eventually'. The springs aren't cheap though (k tech is the top of the tree, ohlins is more affordable) and it's not an easy job when you don't have a proper workshop plus you need special tools, a blow torch, and a bench vice.

    It'll probably stay on the list for a long time even if the stock forks are softly sprung and under damped.

  • Thanks for the info, just back from a visit to a Hyperpro suspension specialist ( he did also my zzr1400) Front he can adjust with other oil and rear will be changed to full adjust. Maybe YSS or Hyperpro. I gave him a budget of 600 euro's. ;-)

  • For 600 clams you should get the whole job. Order YSS rear shock and ohlins springs direct from Thailand and pay your man to fit it

  • Just order this YSS & Ohlins front set :-)