Does anybody have some pictures of there shadow spirit vt750c2 with the Mustang...

Does anybody have some pictures of there shadow spirit vt750c2 with the Mustang seats I'm looking into the two piece seat and also a few other brands but can't decide. Really looking for something that encourages a passenger but keeps a sleek style like the stock seat.

  • Here's my mine I just got it. Love it. You will sit higher

  • My bike is a 2012 750 spirit. I just put the Mustang seat on and drove 740 miles. Well worth the $449. I purchased it off eBay new with free shipping. Arrived in 5 days. Best purchase I have made.

  • Bee Vang I have them on Facebook I never thought about them tho. I just was looking on eBay and only see Mustang brand seats just looking for the clean style as I would be be riding alone a lot but want to encourage my wife to go more

  • I decided to go with the Mustang wide touring. Seat 2 piece. My only. Worry is it might angle me to far from the handle bars and make it uncomfortable for me. Being 5 10ish

  • I'm 5 7 and it did lift me off the ground about 1/2" more but not enough to make a difference

  • I am 5'11' and its a great fit. Love my seat

  • only bought the Bike yesterday rode 100 miles and could still move , which is amazing as a do have a spinal injury , this bike with these seats is incredibly comfy 7 supportive,i am 6'3" and worried it may be a little small but i love it , great to see all your pics by the way.

  • I went to buy the 2 piece and they said they didn't have anymore. Is there really a big difference between the one piece and two pieces in style?