Does anybody know the torque specs for the exhaust header bolts


Does anybody know the torque specs for the exhaust header bolts ?

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  • Im staying with the stock air box and filter not sure if my wifes 2004 has that adjustment

  • Cool. They should be fine then. I bobbed mine out so I have a bunch of aftermarket parts. I still have a few more things to change, but it is getting there.

  • Cool nice bike i like the ammo can saddlebags and i like the old style side covers better than the newer style the exhaust and the forward controls are the only left to do to my wifes bike we bought whole bcb kit we scored a 2004 with 700 odd miles this spring her first bike she learned on it stock for a couple hundred miles them i started changing it

  • My wife Teresa 'Stone' Knauer rebel stock

  • My wife Teresa 'Stone' Knauer rebel bobbed

  • She didnt like the drag bars so we tried some clubmans they were better but now back to stock with the speedo still relocated and she she loves them that way

  • Very nice! I love this little bike! I have a 650 Yamaha VStar too, but I ride this way more now.

  • Mine is an 86 special edition. My aunt gave it to me, because she dumped it a few times and decided to just be a passage with my uncle. I had to clean the carb and a few other things as it was sitting for about 6 years...

  • Thats cool i like i the gold on the special edition bikes