Does anybody know where You can get those tiny light bulbs for the speedometer...

Does anybody know where You can get those tiny light bulbs for the speedometer on my 1971 CB 450

  • yup. my tacho, after idle stopped working. had to tune by ear, and feel. not fun but I managed. while riding I have to listen more carefully. I see working replacements for 30-60 all the time. probably best to do a plug n' pay and call it a day

  • lastly, I'm proud I did without my tach. I can ride without a speedo, never really had a 100% working one ;) but a tachometer is important to me.

  • I have a 1969 triumph trophy 500, had to send the Speedometer off to get it rebuilt, aw those British, cost me a little over $500 and that was 10 years ago.

  • I don't have any

  • When I fix mine this winter I will convert to Led. Simple set up.

  • Leds are way to go with our charging system

  • Where do you get led bulbs

  • I have converted my other bikes, not had the 450 long but for the gauges if I can't find them I will make them.

  • I got my Leds online from a company called Superbright Leds. Leds of all types & also diode kits for the signal lights on our old bikes. Cheap & fast delivery & the led lights in the instruments are a BIG improvement over stock.

  • wow! that is crazy, sorry.

  • ha ha ha. I don't ride at night so no gauge bulbs are needed...

  • Terry Brockwell but Smiths gauges are costly

  • Jeff Alexander I dont ride at nite either, but I am one of those that like eveything to work

  • Yes the British treat them like a fine watch, and they do look good Jeff Alexander

  • I went LED on tail and head light. Great for the cb 450 charging system.