• Does anyone else find the bar grips on their biffa a bit small in diameter

    Does anyone else find the bar grips on their biffa a bit small in diameter?

    I get cramp in my hands quite quickly and it doesn't happen when on my Triumph America. I'm thinking of fitting some "Grip Puppies". Has anyone else fitted them?

    • I don't grip the bars unless I need too. You could try some throttle rockers.

    • I had fatter grips on my last bike which cured a lot of the wrist ache.

    • I just fitted a pair of "Grip Puppies" a week ago to my biffa for the same reason and so far so good. For the price and ease of fitting they are a quick solution.

    • Yup got puppies too, the angle of the bars and wrists can be improved to suit better by rotation as well, standard setup didn't suit me when I bought mine, did that first, then fitted the pups.

    • Thanks for your replies! I have today fitted some Grip Puppies and they have had the desired effect. Now a more comfortable ride.

    • I guess they would be a problem if you have fitted heated grips?

    • They can be a problem with some heated grips, BMW grips overheat on high setting, but on low they are fine.

    • Just fitted the Grip Puppies. They work really well. Used hair spray as advised by a reviewer to help slip them on. It worked really well but had to give it 24 hours to dry.

    • I just brushed them with a mild soap solution, they slid on real easy and dried out quickly. Good to go after an hour.