does anyone else live for the crackling that the exhaust puts out when you...

does anyone else live for the crackling that the exhaust puts out when you decelerate on your bike? i know i do, and i get the occasional backfire if im hard on the throttle >:) wakes up the neighborhood haha

  • Common thing for the V65. If it does it a lot, then you need to look at your exhaust gaskets. Start with replacing the ones at the heads; the copper ones. Then if it continues, replace the graphite ones at the exhaust joint. But a little bit of popping is normal for the V65.

  • it is just the wasted spark ignition igniting left over fuel on the exhaust stroke, mine is a v45 and it does it regularly

  • I had a 400 small block Chevy that would do that. It was great ,till I found out it was doing it cause there was a manifold leak. The pops and flames were cool till it burnt a few valves. This may not be ur case, but it is one cause of it.

  • My v45 also love that sound!

  • Mine does it going down this hill out of the neighborhood when engine is cold and choke part way on.

  • this is normal for 80's v4s to pop and burble because the wasted spark ignition is igniting even on the exhaust stroke, therfor igniting the acces fuel and oxygen left over. nothing wrong with an uncivilized magna :)

  • Too much can be a bad thing. If you have a bad copper gasket, you are sucking in cold air through the exhaust port and can burn a valve, or worse. But, that is just my opinion.

  • Poster: "I like this sound..." Commenter: "Lemme tell ya how to fix that..." #facepalm

  • hey hey...pop and burble...:)