Does anyone have a better looking diagram. 1987 1993 1100

Does anyone have a better looking diagram? 1987-1993 1100

  • What are you trying to do? Why do you need something different? That's all I've ever used.

  • Trying to see where these wires go from the ignition module, only one of my coils is firing and if I move the yellow/blue wire "rear coil" to the front coil those coils fire. So I'm not getting juice to my front coil which is the blue/yellow wire

  • But according to this diagram blue yellow runs to the fuel pump, but my fuel pump is working

  • Blue and yellow runs from your ignition module to your coil and fuel pump. Have you tried taking the wires from the known good coil plugging them into the dead coil and seeing if you have spark?

  • Everywhere you see a dot that's a junction, those wires are connected.

  • Yeah that's what I did. The dead coil is good with the good wires

  • Check continuity between the ignition module and the coil of the Blue & yellow wire?

  • Black and white wire runs from coil to engine kill switch. Maybe bad connector? Broken wire? You can spray your connectors out with automotive contact cleaner then deplug/replug to clean contacts

  • I disconnected the kill switch because it was bad, maybe I need to ground out the black and white wire then?

  • This could be my issue... hmm

  • I wouldn't ground it in case it's energized. Hook it up as close to intended as possible. Wires contain magic smoke, you don't want to let that out.

  • Right :)

  • I did ground it out just to see what would happen and it pooped the ignition fuse. I only tapped it to a ground I didn't do anything permanent

  • According to this, if the coil packs are good and the fuel pump is running and the bike starts then all is fine. However both coils are good and all wires are good but I can only get one coil to spark I suppose the only thing I have left is the ignition module not working properly

  • Crap. Can you pop the module open and look for broken or burnt solder joints? My Yamaha had a similar problem, the solder joints were broken on the circuit board, looked like little dormant volcanoes.

  • I popped it open and all looks fine, nothing burnt, no swollen capacitors nothing looks broken

  • :( I could snap a few photos maybe you'll see something I don't?

  • Looks brand new to me. Wtf?! Lol I hate electrical gremlins. Can you take it to a local shop and get it tested? Maybe a buddy with the same bike?

  • Yeah I don't have any friends in the area that ride :( I actually have a new one coming I'm hoping that it's my issue but if not I don't know what else it could be

  • Good luck bud

  • Thanks man, thanks for the help

  • You might could try a Clymer manual. They have color coded diagrams.

    This isn't for your bike but they do have edition for your model

  • This is one of the best things we have bought. It has pictures and instructions for everything.

  • take it to a copy shop and have it blown up mural much easier on the eyes

  • I like this idea

  • first copy it into a file so you can sharpen up everything or it will just be a blurry mess when made bigger..not a simple task, but well worth it

  • my wiring schematic is 2 meters by 1 meter and all in color...took me a month to get it all sharp and colored for the appropriate wire.....but damn...its just so easy now! good luck

  • Jeez that's a good size but worth it

  • garage art!