Does anyone have any idea if this may be a major issue It happened to me on...


Does anyone have any idea if this may be a major issue? It happened to me on Monday after taking a short ride. I started smoking and oil was flying. Ideas? I'm trying to locate a mechanic that works on bikes here in Kansas.

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  • Don't over fill with oil you'll blow the oil seals....x

  • Its crank seal, mine did that cost me 20$ for a seal and cover gasket and 2 hoursnof labour. Fly wheel has to come off and it takes a special puller. It was easy for me but I also have mechanical experience.

  • Are you close to Kansas city? If you are hub cycle is the place to have it fixed, they are 55$ an hour for labor not like dealer, they want 90$.

  • We are in Manhattan....

  • Thanks so much everyone!

  • The reason the seal blows out is back pressure inside the engine. What causes that is the ventilation system is clogged. When you have it repaired, have the mechanic be sure the ventilation system is also working properly or it just may happen again. It's vital.

  • Pull the air filter and look for oil. If so the puke tube is full as Thomas Holland mentioned. Drain the puke tube with every oil change every 1000 miles.

  • totally different John J. Rossi

  • Puke tube is part of the crank case ventilation.

  • Yes problem maybe crankshaft oil seal , or you just oil chain ??

  • A mi me paso igual tiro aceite del lado izquierdo del motor y resultó ser el retén del cigüeñal quitar cubierta del stator