Does anyone have any mods for shaft driven bikes for better highway riding


Does anyone have any mods for shaft driven bikes for better highway riding?

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  • the cost you are going to pay for the gear upgrades, you could probably get by better buying a nice 1100, or chain driven 750 with a 38 tooth rear sprocket

  • Sell and get a chain driven model, then do 38t problem solved.

  • Or get something to dampen your vibrations even ear plugs will help

  • yeah, the 750's are awesome bikes, nothing against 1100's at all, i just like the 750's styling a bit more

  • too bad i can only like this once,lmao

  • I just bought the bike so I won't be be getting an 1100 or chain driven 750 any time soon. So I will deal with it. What's the average amount of miles these bikes get out of them?

  • We'll taken care of Id say 100k easy and more

  • I think Honda purposely made the 750's shaft a short ratio so that owners would upgrade to their bigger bikes.

  • just keep her maintained and she will last until you dont maintain her,lol

  • My '11 Aero feels like it needs another gear too but I am getting used to it. Getting over 60 mpg though so I guess I'm not working it too hard.

  • You can go forever if you maintain em.

    Seriously, I have some mission friends overseas have like 20 plus year old Hondas with 200 plus and 300 plus thousand miles!!! Yes you read that correctly.

  • Thomas try a taller rear tire.

    If stock 160/80/15 go 170/80/15