Does anyone have any suggestions on a LED setup that s pretty simple to set up...

Does anyone have any suggestions on a LED setup that's pretty simple to set up and run? I don't want to just hook LED's up to the battery With a toggle if it's going to just kill the battery!?!? Also want something that's bright red and durable. I ride a lot ! She fires up every time with the push of a button, don't want the LED's to change that.??

  • I put LEDs on my bike I hooked them to a toggle switch an it hasn't drowned my battery I got a roll of led lights off of Amazon


  • LED's consume way less power than standard bulbs. Are you looking to install an LED light bar as a headlight, or all LED lights for the whole bike?

  • For the whole bike, I found a kit on that website for about 100 bucks. Still doing some searching, looking for the best deal. 100 bucks ain't bad tho!

  • Post a link to what you are talking about.

  • That's just an underlight kit. No real function aside from being a fashion statement.

  • I know I plan on keeping my headlight stock... for now, but I want underglow light's. Trying to set mine apart from all the others I see. I live on the beach so A lot of people drive rent me's around . Now you can already tell mine isn't rented, but I'll be doing A lot of night riding in the summer. Wanna be seen. If that makes sense?

  • To be honest, installing a better headlight and tail light will make you much safer than any LED underlight setup. Be sure to check local laws to see what colors are legal for underglow if you don't want to get hassled.

  • In the summer on the boulevard you can see anywhere to 80-100+ ruckus's or their knock off's, I want mine to be set apart from all of them . plus on the Led lights are EVERYWHERE. Cars, trucks,bikes, scooters, golf carts,. And yeah my car has underglow. Here you can have any color just your red and blue LED's can't flash.

  • I thought about changing my headlights and tail lights as well. Specially since the LED's are way brighter! Just haven't exactly mademade my mind up on that yet.

  • I absolutely second, getting better headlights and taillights before wasting money on underglow...

  • You also said every car truck and bike on the Blvd has underglow but you want to be different.....So don't do what they did...

  • Touch'e

  • What's the name of the tail light I see people installing Idk if I'm saying it correctly ..the r6 tail lights? Are they decent, as far as brighter to see, more safer?

  • If you want to be seen check these out at I have these and it's cool as shit.

  • Get a legit r6 though don't buy that cheap shit