Does anyone have or no of anyone that has a rancher at that they want to part...


Does anyone have or no of anyone that has a rancher at that they want to part out or sale? I'm looking to do a irs conversion.

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  • I was mistaken on what I read, the swapping of the trans gearing is what some have done between the two. The diff gearing isn't swappable from what I can see and would mean the front would have to also. The gearing has to be the same ratio in the Irs diff as the sra I would think, I don't see Honda putting different front diff across the two.

  • Your right. It's the transmissions gears. But rincon would still be your better choice

  • I know, I just wanted to do a direct bolt up instead having to fab in the rincon sub frame. I have 14 foreman also and was thinking about doing it until I found out the rancher is bolt up. I hate I bought the foreman then they release the rubicon the next year, I thought about trading it in, but I'm going to hold off and see what they do with the rincon.

  • I just did my 2014 foreman

  • How did it turn out? I was thinking about changing the whole frame out and putting the rubicon frame in, but the price just isn't worth it, would be better to trade in than do that. I just know Honda is going to do something good with the rincon and I'm going to want it, that's the only reason I don't want to modify and hurt the resale of the foreman.

  • I love mine.

  • Yeah it turned out good. Only thing I really don't like is not having the irs, sra gets caught up on everything.

  • Yea I hated sra. Lol

  • Paddles #ftw!!

  • I prob would tear the rear end out with paddles lol, I like to give it the throttle to much. No doubt about it though it's no stopping it.