Does anyone have preferences for tires


Does anyone have preferences for tires?

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  • Dose anyone know how many miles I can expect out of my stock tires the rebel came with...thanks

  • The stock tires are the sorriest tires you can get.

  • What about the shinko 230 tour master anybody know these also for the kendas what model k671 or k657 do u recommend

  • On the Kendra's I've got the Crusier ST

  • I use 230s miles on stock depend on you !!

    if easy rider front will 10000, rear 6/7000

  • Jim Wilson what do u think of the 230 ? have u tried other tires

  • Best for the money

  • The Shinko 230 was one of the cheapest options. It looked good, but the price had me wondering... Jim: Do the Shinko 230s do well in the rain? Seattle has wet weather 9 months a year...

  • Yes , bit your roads are oil soaked from all the traffic,!!

    You need a KLR like everybody else in Seattle !!

  • KLR ???