Does anyone have Renthals fitted. If so any pics. Same for ProTaper

Does anyone have Renthals fitted? If so, any pics? Same for ProTaper.

I'm specifically only after the model(s) that would give be more stock-like characteristics (though a lot lower I get that) - so no massively wide/flat bars.

Thinking of some Renthal RC-High



  • Renthal RC High

  • Derek are they 748 ultra lows ?

  • Sachs Madass bars from ooracing are about as low as you can go on the stock risers. they leave you with about 2mm clearance between switchs and the side panels. Cheap too (under £30), and only just wide enough for all the controls etc. They don't have threads etc in the ends, hence you can grind them down further if you want. The matching bar end weights aren't cheap (about £16 a pair), but they are very good.

  • Protaper fatbar contour mini high

  • protraper honda mini se

  • I put the Pro taper KLX110 bars on, they fit and look great.

  • lol wish i was rich , going to have to start robbing to feed my grom habit

  • Cheers all so far (I think) - I reckon this is going to take a complex matrix to get the scores right for me

  • What bar end mirrors and belly pan do you have Derek Pedder?