• Does anyone have the twin toro exhaust system if so what s it like and sound...

    Does anyone have the twin toro exhaust system if so what's it like and sound like

    • That looks real good. Any links.

    • eBay pal

    • I just had my single exhaust sys del today from these guys above , not fitted as yet but will let you know

    • I'm now thinking can I build a sub cage with these exhausts on. Hmmmmm Steven Haycock what you think?

    • No lol

      The pegs would need 2 b really low and wide but then when u stand on them ur foot would b against the exhuast lol

    • But it's soo pretty

    • What about the pegs coming out from above the exhaust then dropping down a tad. I know they'd be wide but would it work or is it a compete no.

    • Far 2 wide no where near strong enough either lol

    • I'm just gunna go sulk.... Brb

    • But thanks anyway, these are the neatest cans I've seen yet. Rear end looks like a mini vfr

    • Find two end cans that you like and are a decent sizer to fit the grom I know someone that would link it all up and make you a stainless steel pipe

    • I have a single toro and its sound lovely!