Does anyone in here race hairscrambles on there 350X s What s everyone s go to...


Does anyone in here race hairscrambles on there 350X's? What's everyone's go to tire and size? I'm running 22" bear claws now and there really heavy and take a lot of power.

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  • I've been running dunlop kt355's for years in the trails only 20" to keep the weight and height down. But if I really need traction I'll throw on a pair of 22" maxxis all traks... they'll go through anything I swear

  • Nice ya I need something for running in wellsville hill climbing and racing. I run out of power with the tires I got. I was maybe thinking of trying the holeshot gncc tires in 20 or 21". Got a hairscramble at lightning coming up fast lol

  • Yea I saw Tim posted that earlier... not sure if I can make it yet. Id run 20" if it were me because I know what you mean about 22's running down the power even with a built engine

  • You going to be back at Summit again this weekend? If so, I'll see ya there

  • Ya I will be at summit. The hairscramble at lightning is a lot of fun. It's nice and challenging with a lot of different terrain.

  • i use, super lug & Carlisle 101. worked good for me.

  • Try some 22" ITP Mudlites

  • 22 front mudlite and some good 20's in rear i tried the artrax in rears because they were cheap and turned out to be good tires on the 350x