Does anyone know how UK s Customs work Thinking of ordering MNNTHBX Fender...

Does anyone know how UK's Customs work??? Thinking of ordering MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator...but custom might be too greedy. XD

  • It's what Jack Dempsey Osborne said 20% plus about £12 if customs think what's on the box is dodgy they will open it and see the invoice

  • James Tinson I contacted MNNTHBX, and they said they can change the receipt to a lower price. Will that work?

  • as the reciept will be sent to me online via paypal.

  • Should do that's good of them to do that

  • Anything over £15 will be charged

  • yes, i think he understood me. Cause i asked him if he can show low value so custom wont charge that damn much. ^_^

  • Sweet how much they gonna put down

  • I need to check with them. Takes him hours to reply. *BUSY MAN*

  • You have import duty can be from 4%-12% vat 20% then the admin fee of around £15

  • James Tinson "Correct. As long as you remind me in the payment box when you purchase, I'll take care of it. Greg" From MNNTHBX when I double check with him to put in the receipt and shipping value less than £50.