does anyone know if they make a steering stabilizer that fits a rancher

does anyone know if they make a steering stabilizer that fits a rancher? ive looked everywhere and cant find anything, If I have to I guess I will modify one for a sport quad to fit the rancher but would rather not

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  • I doubt someone makes one, however the powersteering sysem does have a stabilizer effect.

  • yes ive heard the same, but to me its not worth the price or the extra weight, we race it in hare scrambles and afraid the power steering might end up with a negative effect especially in the whoops,

  • Not sure of the weight difference but the motor is about the size of a normal aluminium can. And the gearbox looks like it has some weight. I have about 50 lbs of additional weight on the front of mine and it will still pull the front wheels off the ground though.

  • right but the stabilizer on my sport quads weight around 1-2 lbs... so thats a big difference, and all the decent ps kits ive seen are around 6-700, where the stabilizers are anywhere from 150-400

  • Well I trail ride for fun so I don't care about weight. But one thing is for sure the next quad I buy will have P/S! I love it! Roll down a trail on deep treads one handed!

  • yeah ive been on quads with it, and love it too, especially with bigger tires, steering is a breeze

  • You also cant even tell when 4x4 is engaged!

  • I love my power steering on 32.5 Mambas it's awesome