Does anyone know of any company s that make aftermarket cams for a 1986 Honda...

Does anyone know of any company's that make aftermarket cams for a 1986 Honda 350X?

  • Just looked them up theyalso have a 430 big bore, and a stroker kit!

  • They sure do, and it's the most renowned big bore kit on the market. They'll set it up for whatever compression ratio your heart desires... Like I said, you won't be disappointed. Oh and did I mention they are reliable too? None of the other ones out there are. These guys have been around the block LOL

  • Call TC Racing...nobody knows more about the 350x then Tom...

  • Some of these questions could easily be answered on google...

  • How so Brandon? The whole purpose of this page is to not only share stories, and pictures, but also to assist one another in giving guidance, and advice, to the best of our abilities. The heritage and story behind the 350x is strong and is what brings us together. Somebody wants info on a fix, upgrade, etc., that's what we are here for.

  • I'm just saying with parts a simple Google search of "aftermarket 350x cam" would give u more options and faster. Just sayin not trying to be a dick just giving my advice

  • Excellent!

  • I've googled it Brandon Fayle, however Google did tell me how the ride was or how the company's service was either. I agree with Brandon Paul Harris that's the point of this page.

  • I was just saying ya look up parts and then ask. Ya ask about parts at random on a forum page and everyone is based towards their favorite. Look up parts find some that are priced right for u then ask about the ride and service. I'm just saying that's how I do it

  • That's cool man.