Does anyone know where i can get the H2C luggage rack. cheapest price delivery


Does anyone know where i can get the H2C luggage rack (cheapest price + delivery)? Thanks

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  • Gavin Greenall is your man

  • Yep in stock ready to £44.99 with uk delivery

  • Hay Gavin Greenall can u get hold of a bellypan and how much plz mate tah ...

  • How can i order one gavin ?

  • Either by phone with card or pm me your paypal email and I will send you a invoice

  • Which model you after one for

  • Msx sf plz mate have the ice lemon colour but if u cant do that colour will jus have black id poss thanks ..

  • Do you have high mount exhaust or low mount

  • Low mount mate ...

  • Standard or tyga ?

  • Cheapest plz mate ...

  • No as in standard pipe or tyga pipe

  • Oh standard sorry

  • Ok well at the moment we have unpainted grp ones £99.00 or carbon £199.00. The painted ones are coming soon but not sure on price yet will be between the unpainted and carbon prices. Being a member here you get 10% off those prices and free mainland UK shipping

  • Ok kl thanks will b intouch ..thanks alot mate

  • No probs all coming with strong mounting brackets etc

  • i have one for sale