Does anyone know who built this I d like to ask them how they got that wheel...

Does anyone know who built this? I'd like to ask them how they got that wheel and tyre setup to work, it looks awesome.

  • That exhaust is great too. One of the best I've seen

  • Ben Warren Ross

  • Look on Instagram I used to follow him but deleted it

  • It's a full front end swap from a sports bike, custom made triple trees I'd guess.

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  • do you happen to know what his username was at all?

  • Nah I can't remember sorry , it was ages ago

  • bugger, I'm combing through instagram right now to try and track it down haha

  • What forks and rims are they Warrick.

    Looks awesome.

  • yeah, I might send the pic to a few of my bike nerd friends, they might be able to identify what bike the front wheel is from, which might also be the source of the front forks.

  • My guess is a VTR250.

  • Sam Sabato

  • oh wow, hole in one, that's exactly it, front wheel and forks are identical:

  • Not mine

    A guy from Mackay in qld from memory

  • James Young

  • All you need is a custom set of triple grips to fit the goose neck an you can put what ever front end you want in

  • Check out wheels for this,Yamaha Lagenda 110Z its drum rear and disc front

    They are Indonesian also known as srl110